These are the 2 Wagyu Recipes You’ll Make all Summer

They’ll beg you to make these steaks again and again. You’ll be happy to do it because these recipes are super tasty, easy to serve, and perfect for special summer gatherings. Read on for two ways to enjoy Wagyu steak this season. 

Try this Quick & Easy Tri-Tip with Romesco Sauce

On the grill or in the oven, this super-easy recipe features our Wagyu tri-tip for the tastiest results. Perfect for a weekend meal, the tri-tip, or Santa Maria roast, is a lean and flavorful piece of beef that feeds a small crowd of 8 quickly – cooking time in most cases is just 20 minutes. And since it’s equally delicious on the grill, a grill pan on the stovetop, or pan-roasted in the oven, you can enjoy it all year long.

Can’t say enough good things about this roast. Absolutely delicious, flavorful, tender and juicy. TOTALLY recommend.

– lindab2323 from Lombard, IL

Get the recipe here and the Wagyu tri-tip here.

Easy to make on the grill or in the oven, this recipe is a summer favorite.

Make Killer Carne Asada with Wagyu Flank Steak

Our steaks make killer carne asada – which literally translates to “grilled meat” – that’s perfect for your next summer get-together. We made this recipe with Wagyu flank steak, but it will work well with outside skirt steak or hanger steak. Pretty much any cut of beef is fair game for carne asada.

Dried chiles add deep smoky flavor that rounds out the citrusy marinade, a requirement for carne asada. No matter which cut you choose, this one is a winner.

Would not have known this was flank steak had it been served to me. Never have I had a flank steak be so tender. Flavor was awesome!

– Chef Dan in Baltimore, MD

Get the recipe here and the Wagyu flank steak here.

Carne Asada Alt
Serve with warm tortillas, avocado, radishes, lime and plenty of cilantro.

About our Wagyu Beef

At D’Artagnan, we work with ranchers who raise Wagyu cattle in the Midwest, combining Western ranching know-how with traditional Japanese techniques. The emphasis of the program is humane treatment and a low-stress environment for the cattle throughout their lives.

Our cattle begin on pasture and are then introduced to a gradual feeding system in the Japanese style, with seven different feed variations, which include grain, rice plant, corn, free-choice minerals, and fresh water.

And, like their Japanese cousins, the strictly followed diet rotation is the secret to the development of the characteristic marbling, delicate texture, and superb flavor. Raised until the age of 30 months, the cattle are fully monitored at every stage of their growth.

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