What is the Best Way to Eat Caviar?

Caviar is always a welcome treat. The word alone brings to mind luxury, special occasions, and celebrations. Long enjoyed in Persia, Russia and beyond, caviar has endured as a delicacy for centuries. Read on to learn more about serving and enjoying caviar at home.

About Our French Caviar

Our Ossetra Malossol Caviar is truly sustainable and humanely-raised on a state-of-the-art aquafarm in the Aquitaine region of France.

The Siberian Sturgeon (Acipenser baerii) are raised with the strictest of animal welfare and environmental protocols, and all processing and canning take place on the farm.

Caviar Crackle 4

The farm is an exemplar of environmental practices that are good for the fish and the land, and its wastewater actually runs cleaner than the same water at entry. They combine the height of technology with painstaking artisanal methods to produce truly superb caviar.

There are no chemical preservatives added to our caviar, so by necessity, it is fresher than most on the market, with a shorter shelf life. Malossol actually means “little salt” in Russian, and so we use very little of it. The exaggerated pop when you bite down on the average caviar comes from added preservatives. Our caviar isn’t quite that dramatic; it has a more natural flavor that will not overwhelm your palate with salt.

cauliflower-mousse-with-caviar-recipe (1)
Simple, subtle cauliflower mousse makes a good bed for caviar.

The round, plump grains have a lingering and nutty flavor reminiscent of hazelnuts or fresh walnuts. With ultra-silky mouthfeel and a color that ranges from clear grey to golden chestnut to deep brown, this buttery caviar is a little different, and truly unforgettable.

How to Serve Caviar

It is recommended that you open the vacuum-sealed tin 15 to 20 minutes before eating; be sure to keep it cold while the caviar is exposed to the air. A bowl of ice chips makes the perfect nest for a tin of these precious eggs. Scoop the caviar out of the tin carefully, so as not to break the eggs, using a mother of pearl, horn or wooden spoon. Metal spoons should never touch caviar as they can affect the taste.

Caviar is delicious enjoyed simply – atop a round of brioche toast, blini or steamed baby red potato, with or without a dollop of crème fraîche; or in your favorite canapé recipes.

Keep it simple, as we have in our caviar recipes so that the flavor of the caviar is allowed to shine. Of course, Champagne is always recommended to accompany.

blini with caviar blog
Buttery blini make a tasty cushion for our French ossetra caviar.

Once opened, it is best to eat caviar quickly, as it does not have a long shelf life. Paired with champagne, sake, vodka or dry white wine, it’s hard to imagine that there will be any caviar left over.

Did You Know?

Caviar may be delicious, but it also packs plenty of nutritional value. Caviar contains calcium, phosphorus, selenium, iron, magnesium, and Vitamins B12, B6, B2, B44, C, A, and D. It’s got amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids to recommend it as well. So eat your caviar!

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