Here Are 7 Easy Ways to Enjoy Our Most Popular Foie Gras

Our ready-to-serve medallion of foie gras is creamy, delicious and flecked with black truffles. It can be spread on almost anything, but there are other fun ways to eat it. Read on for 7 simple ideas to get more out of your foie gras medallion.

1. Feature on a Charcuterie Board

The most obvious way to enjoy foie gras medallion is on a charcuterie board, alongside other savory delectables. A medallion of foie gras is an easy way to elevate an everyday charcuterie board to an elegant one.

2. Pipe into Phyllo, Pastry Cups or Gougeres

For something a little more complicated – but super simple – pipe creamy medallion into mini pastry shells or savory profiteroles to make elegant canapés, or in cream puffs as we did with this foie gras recipe. 


3. Toss into a Bowl of Hot Pasta

Drain your pasta well, and toss it while hot with some chopped medallion of foie gras. The heat will soften the foie gras and coat the pasta for an instant creamy sauce. And then there is his foie gras and artichoke stuffed pasta is a great recipe if you want to take a little more time.

4. Place a Slice on a Steak, Chop or Chicken Breast

When fully chilled you can slice the medallion into coins, and allow one to soften atop a hot steak, burger, chop, or even a lean chicken breast. We recommend dipping the knife into hot water before slicing to get the cleanest cut.

Filet mignon steak with a slice of foie gras medallion.

5. Spread on Crostini or Hot Toast

It doesn’t take any special skill to spread foie gras medallion on bread, but it is a very satisfying way to enjoy a simple pleasure. Brioche always works well with foie gras, or make our truffle butter crostini recipe if you’re feeling fancy (double truffle!).

6. Pair with Fruit

Did you know that foie gras goes well with fruit? A favorite quick snack is a sliced apple or pear, with medallion of foie gras spread on each piece. Stuffing figs and dates – fresh or dried – with foie gras is a simple and satisfying way e.

foie gras roses close hi res
Our recipe for foie gras apple roses demonstrates the natural pairing of the two.

7. Foie Gras as Sandwich Spread

What could be better than a sandwich spread with foie gras and truffles? Try a banh mi with our smoked duck breast and medallion of foie gras on the bread – a variation of this recipe.


Our award-winning medallion of foie gras is made with pure duck foie gras – no chicken liver is used as a filler – Sauternes wine and real black truffles, without any preservatives or dubious ingredients. Foie gras medallion is available in 6 oz. or 1 lb. packages at

How do you eat your medallion of foie gras? Tell us in the comments!

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