7 Turkey Stuffing Recipes That Will Steal the Show

A bone of contention, or at least discussion, at the holidays is the stuffing of the turkey. Or is it dressing? There are 15,000,000 searches on Google for “stuffing or dressing,” and no end to the debate in sight. No matter what you call it or where you cook it, one thing is certain; both versions are tasty, fragrant, comforting, and satisfying … and required for the holidays. Read on for our recipes, which are divided into bread-based and gluten-free categories.

We have the ingredients you need to make a delicious dressing (or stuffing) this Thanksgiving. We also offer a variety of turkeys – raised right to taste better – so be sure to pre-order in advance of the holiday.

Classic Bread-Based Stuffing and Dressing

1. Wild Boar Sausage and Apple Stuffing

This versatile bread stuffing is a favorite at Thanksgiving. With crumbled wild boar sausage and flecks of apple, it’s both savory and sweet. Try it alongside your holiday bird. Try it inside your turkey. Either way, it’s a winner.


2. The Ultimate Mushroom Dressing

This dressing is flavorful, beautifully moist and packed with mushrooms. The versatile recipe can be used as dressing or stuffing, made ahead if needed, and could take additions like sausage, if desired.

mushroom dressing v 2

3. Brioche Stuffing with Duck Sausage and Pears

The sweet, buttery flavor of brioche works well turkey whether roasting a whole bird or stuffing a turkey breast roulade.


4. Chorizo Sausage Dressing with Marcona Almonds

This easy recipe for bread stuffing studded with dry-cured chorizo and Marcona almonds has Spanish flair. Serve this tasty side dish with turkey or pork roast.


Gluten-Free Stuffing Recipes

5. Chestnut, Walnut and Fennel Sauté

While recipes for many holiday dressings tend to build on bread, plenty call for grains like rice or wild rice, or even cooked chestnuts as a primary foundation. Our chestnut, fennel, and walnut saute is a perfect example.


6. Sausage & Quinoa Dressing with Cranberries

This easy gluten-free recipe is high-protein and so packed with flavor, you won’t miss the bread. Fluffy quinoa is the base with flavorful wild boar sausage, mixed mushrooms, leeks, and a hit of sweet-tart cranberries.

quinoa dressing for blog

7. Mushroom Grain Salad with Pancetta

Although this is technically a hearty grain salad, combining barley with sautéed mushrooms, leeks, and shallots, it can serve as a dressing alongside your holiday bird. Crisped pancetta adds a salty kick while its rendered fat mixes with lemon juice for great flavor and texture.

barley mushroom salad alt

Not Stuffing the Bird?

You can still make good use of the turkey cavity. Simply place rough-chopped onions and carrots lightly sautéed with a sprig of fresh tarragon, or tart apples with the skins pierced, inside the cavity. Remove and discard these flavor-boosters after cooking.

One of Ariane’s favorite things to do when not stuffing the bird is to put a few pieces of garlic confit in the cavity. To make garlic confit, melt enough rendered duck fat in a saucepan to generously cover your peeled cloves of garlic, and simmer gently over medium heat until the garlic becomes soft.

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