Best Foods for Gourmet Glamping

Have you planned your summer trip yet? Many people are opting for glamping – or glamorous camping – this season. And if you’re glamping, that means you’ll be cooking (unless you get a super-luxe concierge service with a chef) on a grill, campfire, or stove –  and probably will have running water.

There’s no need to live on hot dogs just because you’re traveling. From a day camping cookout at a state park to a week in the woods, read on to see the best foods for glamping.

The Great Outdoors is Calling

Glamping is a way to enjoy the outdoors, often in unique accommodations, without sacrificing all the creature comforts of home.

Why settle for a drab hotel room when you can stay in a treehouse, cozy yurt, tiny house, safari tent, caravan, charming cabin, or cottage in a picturesque setting? Glamping Hub can connect you with an unforgettable experience – and so can Airbnb. But what will you eat? So much depends on whether you are hauling a cooler, or will have a refrigerator.


Bring Charcuterie

Already cooked, smoked, or cured, charcuterie is the king of the campground. With one of our charcuterie gift boxes, offering a selection of items, you can serve a board of savory treats without much effort. Don’t forget the wine! Here are a few more charcuterie products you should consider:

  1. Sausages – fully-cooked andouille and chorizo are perfect for charring on the grill or in a cast-iron pan over the campfire. They are versatile and can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and also pair well with that trout you caught.
  2. Ham – dry-cured jambon de Bayonne is lovely in sandwiches, with cheese, wrapped around melon or vegetables, or tossed into eggs.
  3. Saucisson sec – choose from pork, wild boar or duck varieties. This is shelf-stable and can travel in a backpack (think hiking). Slice and enjoy as a snack with wine, dice and add to eggs, stews, or beans.
  4. Bacon – obviously you need bacon because there’s nothing better than smoky bacon hot off the campfire for breakfast. Perhaps with pancakes?

Pack a Few Steaks

If you can, arrange with your host to send an order ahead to your glamporous accommodations. We ship overnight in insulated boxes with ice so you will arrive to find the vital ingredients for dinner waiting for you. Choose Angus ribeye steaks or strip steaks for a special meal. Looking to up the ante? Try Wagyu filet mignon or ribeye steaks for your glamping dinner.

Grilled Steak
Our basic steak grilling recipe keeps things simple with nothing but salt and pepper.

Cooking in Cast Iron

For some glampers a cast-iron pot and pan are required cooking tools. They are versatile, tough, hold heat well, and work on a fire, grill, or stovetop. You can sear a steak, cook a whole fish, simmer a stew and even make our cast-iron cornbread (with bacon) over an open fire or on a grill.

cast-iron-cornbread-with-bacon-recipeBeyond the cast-iron get guidance from Outdoor Gear Lab who reviewed the best camping cookware of 2018.

Glamping-Tent-IG.jpgDo you use Airbnb when you travel? What foods do you like to have with you when traveling? Connect with us on social media to share your cooking adventures. Tag @dartagnanfoods on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

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