Get On this Tasty Trend: 3 Easy Korean Recipes for the Grill

Are you a fan of Korean food? We are! It’s a hot trend right now, but it’s more than a passing fancy; Korea offers a rich cuisine worth exploring more fully. You can do that at Soogil in NYC – a D’Artagnan client we are proud to say just got 2 stars from the New York Times! The chef-owner, Soogil Lim, has attracted attention for merging his native Korean cuisine with the French techniques he perfected at Daniel. That’s a winning combination!

Can’t get to Soogil for dinner? It’s simple to integrate Korean recipes and ingredients into your culinary routine. Start with our 3 super-easy and satisfying Korean-inspired recipes that are guaranteed to spice things up at the grill this season.

Shop for the Wagyu beef, hanger steaks, and buffalo burgers we used in these recipes … and get grilling! 

You’ll need only a few specialized and easy-to-find ingredients to make these recipes. Gochujang, a thick, fermented red chile paste that adds pungent spice and depth of flavor, and plenty of kimchi as a side dish, of course.

Boneless Wagyu Korean Short Ribs

Our Wagyu beef short ribs aren’t just for braising. The highly-marbled meat makes excellent Korean-style BBQ when sliced thin against the grain, marinated overnight, then grilled hot & fast. This is a winner for summer dinner parties.


These veggie-packed Korean-style buffalo burgers are heavy on flavor and light on your waistline. We ditched the buns for fresh lettuce wraps and topped with a sweet and spicy kimchi slaw and a zesty chili mayo. Perfect for a weekend cookout (and guests on a low-carb diet).

Kalbi Style Grilled Hanger Steak

Kalbi, sometimes spelled galbi, is the gateway Korean dish for many Americans. Now you can create the same smoky sweet flavors of your favorite Korean hibachi restaurant at home with our super easy recipe. Use our hanger steak and feed a crowd at summer gatherings.


Tell us how you like these Korean flavors! We love to hear from you in the comments or on social media.

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