A Sous Vide Recipe: Venison Osso Buco

The perfect winter meal, venison osso buco is most often braised until fall-off-the-bone tender. But our friends at ChefSteps suggest you sous vide this tasty cut. They asked wild game expert David Draper to develop this recipe with our venison osso buco, which yields flavorful results.

Layered with sinew and covered in silverskin, deer forelegs (or shanks) are an oft-forgotten cut. Wild game expert and ChefSteps contributor David Draper thinks this is unfortunate, since the shanks are the most delicious meat on the animal. Cooked correctly—for a long time and at a low temperature—that tough connective tissue breaks down and dissolves, leaving behind a flavorful, toothsome treat that has you wishing a deer had more than four legs. Got venison in your freezer? Start cooking! Not a hunter? Buy venison from D’Artagnan Foods!

Get the full recipe at ChefSteps, and also purchase your own shiny Joule. You can find venison osso buco at our website, and give this recipe a try.

chef-steps-venison-shank-flour-novideo.jpgWhen using sous vide, ChefSteps recommends searing the meat first, just as you would with a slow cooker or standard braising. The sear imparts great flavor with all these techniques.

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Served on a bed of polenta with a rich sauce, this venison osso buco is dish is comfort food at its finest.

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