People Are Talking About Wild Boar

Are you a fan of Game of Thrones? If so, you might get a hankering for wild boar. And we have what you’re craving at

New to wild boar? There’s nothing to fear. One of the easiest cuts to cook is our Wild Boar Mini Roast. Not quite 2 lbs in weight, the roast is perfect for an intimate dinner and makes a unique and regal centerpiece. Raise your chalice high!


The best way to prepare is to roast. You can give extra flavor with garlic, salt, pepper and mustard. Tender and delicious. – Gaby in MD

About Wild Boar

Your first question might be: are they really wild? Absolutely. The wild boar are humanely trapped, then inspected and processed at USDA-inspected facilities.

You will find that wild boar meat is lean, with a slightly gamey flavor that is far more intense than bland pink pork. It’s also surprisingly red when compared side by side.


Enjoy the nutty, sweetish flavor of wild boar with dried fruits, chestnuts, a red wine sauce and root vegetables on the side. This meat can stand up to strong flavors.

We have some wild boar recipes to inspire your kitchen adventures and a handy guide for cooking this game meat.

Rack of Wild Boar

Another great cut to try is Wild Boar Rib Rack. Treat it like rack of anything else – pork, lamb, or venison, remembering that it is lean.

Go traditional and rub with your favorite BBQ spice mix and smoke the rack on the grill. Slice into chops and slather with a homemade sauce (Kansas, Carolina, Texas, or any style you like). Or coat with a dry spice rub, then roast in the oven.

While boar pairs well with bold red wines, a cold beer seems more appropriate somehow. You can’t go wrong with a double IPA or amber lager.


These wild boar ribs were incredible brushed with olive oil and lots of chopped herbs from our garden then grilled. Had with grilled veggies and our favorite Brunello. Will definitely order again. – Jeff & Marta in CA

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Featured photo is our recipe for Mushroom-Stuffed Wild Boar Roast with Black Truffle Sauce, made with the wild boar mini roast.

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