Eat Clean: Whole30-Friendly Recipes

What’s the Whole30 diet? It is a 30-day commitment to eliminate sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, soy, and dairy from the diet. Often described as life-changing, the Whole30 hashtag has made quite a splash on Instagram. Is it right for you? Explore it here and decide for yourself.

Whole 30 BookThe good news about Whole30 is that it involves eating real food. What can you eat on the program? Only whole foods like meat, seafood, eggs, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and fruits. This is not meant to be a lifetime diet, but a 30-day reset that causes you to read labels, consider everything you eat, and cook at home.

After the 30-day program is finished, adherents strategically reintroduce foods back into their diet and keep track of how they feel. The program can be better understood in the Hartwig’s best-selling book or at their Whole30 website.

Eat Well in the New Year

Even if you are not doing a Whole30, many people commit to better eating habits for the new year. That looks different for everyone,  but to us, the best way to create sustainable healthy eating habits is to eat real food with simple ingredients and cook at home. Control the quality and source of your ingredients, and your diet will be better for it.

We combed our recipe library to find simple, Whole30-compliant recipes. It’s not so easy, because a lot of recipes call for butter, a glug of wine, sugar, cream or soy sauce in the sauce. Even bacon has sugar in the curing rub, so we eliminated all bacon recipes (gasp!).

These recipes are friendly for anyone embarking on the Whole30 (any necessary exceptions are noted), or looking for simple foods that nourish the body and soul.

Shawarma Spiced Lamb Loin

Try this easy recipe for tender lamb loin with a warm Middle Eastern-style spice rub. Whole30 compliant because it’s nothing but lamb and spices, and best served on a simple salad with tahini dressing.
This easy recipe delivers big flavor with just a few simple ingredients. High roasting temperature and a few aromatics ensure moist, flavorful meat. A little duck fat (yes, that’s allowed on Whole30) and pan-drippings combine to create crispy potatoes with super tender flesh. In an hour you have a charming and delicious dinner for two, just add a salad.

Pork Shoulder Chili Verde with Potatoes

Our Berkshire pork shoulder cooks slow and low in a mixture of fresh salsa verde, roasted green chili peppers, and chicken stock in this versatile recipe. This beanless chili is Whole30 right up until the sour cream on top – simple skip that step and then enjoy this super chili!

Eggs Poached in Spicy Tomato Sauce with Andouille & Peppers

There are versions of eggs poached in tomato sauce in cultures around the world, from North Africa to Italy, Israel to Mexico – and they’re all delicious! In this riff, andouille sausage adds richness and spice while red bell peppers lend sweetness. This hearty dish is great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner; serve it family-style (or in tiny 6” skillets, if you’ve got them). Skip bread on the side, and just scoop up the tomato sauce with a spoon.

Easy Roast Whole Duck

Roasting a duck is easier than you think. This simple technique allows our Rohan duck’s naturally rich flavor to shine – with no sugar in a glaze or sauce. Feel free to add your own aromatics or spices to customize the recipe.

Perfect Roast Chicken

And if you like roasting, try a roast chicken. Few can resist the succulent, juicy meat and crispy, golden skin of a perfectly roasted chicken. Here’s a basic, practically no-fail recipe that’s sure to become a family favorite.
DArtagnan Green Circle Chicken Roasted 2
While tender and flavorful on its own, rabbit confit also makes a great base for other recipes like our Easy Rabbit Rillettes (also Whole30 friendly!).
If you try any of our recipes, be sure to show us the results on social media! Tag @dartagnanfoods on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to show us how your Whole30 is going!

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