You’ll Want to Cook Angus Flank Steak

Flanks for the memories … yes, summer is almost over. We can already feel the cooler air moving in, and we’re having visions of slow cooking, braising, and bowls of hot cassoulet.

But before it’s all over, we have Labor Day to celebrate. And let’s be honest, we don’t pack up the grill the day after the holiday; there are still plenty of opportunities to cook outside.

For those serving a crowd over the holiday weekend, our new cut of Angus beef is a winner. Three large flank steaks should be enough to keep everyone happy.

wagyu-flank-steakFlank steak is super versatile and is a staple in nearly every ethnic cuisine. It works great with flavorful marinades and is equally suited to the grill or the pan. Because of its uniform thickness, flank steak cooks evenly and quickly, allowing control over doneness.

This thin cut has a rich beefy flavor and tender texture, which is best appreciated when cut against the grain.

Flank Steak CloseUp SQ.jpgTraditionally, fajitas were made with flank steak, and you could follow suit. Tacos, wraps, and salads all work well with flank, as do skewers (think yakitori or kebab). Korean barbecue leans heavily on this cut of beef, and you can find out why with our Galbi BBQ Hanger Steak recipe; just use flank steak in its place.

Grill flank steak with our Carne Asada recipe, and serve a platter of wrap-your-own tortillas for your next gathering. It’s sure to be a hit.

Carne Asada Alt


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