Well Done, Chef Barbara Lynch!

Congratulations to our friend Barbara Lynch on being named one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People! It’s a big list, and she is the only chef on it. She is in the pioneer category, for changing the Boston restaurant scene. Click through to read Padma Lakshmi’s very touching essay about Chef Barbara.

Barbara Lynch is an extraordinary person with an inspiring story.  She was an untrained young woman from South Boston, who became the most influential chef in the city.

Ariane cooking with Barbara Lynch
Ariane and Barbara hand-rolling pasta in our veal video.

You can follow her rise to culinary stardom in her memoir Out of Line, published just a few weeks ago.  Read an excerpt of the book at the Boston Globe – it’s an amuse bouche that will have you craving the rest of the meal. Order the book here.

Listen to this Eater interview (be prepared for a liberal use of expletives) in which Barbara discusses her book, her criminal past, her growing restaurant group and the most shocking Italian names for pasta, among many topics.

Strozzapreti – which means “priest strangler” – pasta is mentioned. Lucky for you, Barbara showed us how to prepare it in this video she filmed with Ariane a few years ago. No priests were harmed in the making of the video.


Barbara’s recipe for Spicy Veal Osso Buco with Cumin Strozzapreti is on our website, ready for you to try at home. This tempting classic of Italian cooking gives you the opportunity to roll irregularly-shaped pasta by hand. If you have children in the house, let them pitch in and roll pasta with you.

Barbara Lynch Homemade Pasta 2
Barbara’s hand-made strozzapreti in our video shoot. 

And just for some fun, because Barbara is nothing if not fun-loving, here is a memory from the 2013 D’Artagnan Duckathlon, an event in which chefs competed in a culinary obstacle course. Barbara came to New York City to participate – and as you can see, she gave it her all.

Barbara Lynch in Hoopskirts H&H3
At D’Artagnan Duckathlon, Barbara Lynch tries to dunk a saucisson sec in a milk pail with a little direction from Ariane.

All of us at D’Artagnan wish Barbara hearty congratulations on this major recognition of her contributions!

Learn more about Barbara Lynch and her restaurants at her website.



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