Poutine: The New Nachos?

Are you a poutine eater? If you’re from Canada, you almost certainly are. But poutine is spreading across the States, one plate at a time.

What is poutine? Poutine is simply french fries, served with melting cheese curds and gravy on top. It’s a fast food favorite, and we compared it to disco fries (a diner special in New Jersey) on the blog here. We like to make poutine with duck fat french fries. The only thing missing is foie gras.


The Seattle Times is reporting a rise in poutine in the restaurants, and lists several interesting options in this recent article. It seems that in Seattle, poutine is the new nachos.

At Mile End in Brooklyn, which is legendary for its Montreal-style deli meats, they outdid themselves with Poutine Week in February, when they added five extra-special dishes of poutine to the menu.

This summer, if you are watching a Red Sox game at Fenway Park, you can experience lobster poutine, a New England take on the classic.


Have you ever tried poutine? It might be time, and now there are more opportunities than ever before.



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