You’ll Never Believe What’s in These Vending Machines

Now trending: meat at your fingertips. Simply insert your credit card into one of these vending machines and receive the butcher’s bounty.

Vending machines are associated with junk foods and a hint of desperation, but all that could change with this idea.

In Paris, just outside of a Basque butcher shop, you can buy their house-cured charcuterie right out of a vending machine any time of the day or night. It’s the first machine of its kind in Paris. Peckish for Jambon de Bayonne at midnight? No need to wait for the shop to open in the AM.


And in Friesing, Germany, Steffen Schütze’s Bavarian butcher shop has a vending machine available after hours, making him a 24/7 butcher. Marinated steaks, a variety of sausages, even garlic butter and potato salad, are there for the hungry carnivore with the push of a button.

German Meat Vending.jpgWhat seems like an oddity, or a Japanese fad, is actually a little closer to home than you might think. Will the trend catch on?

In Cle Elum, Washington, a 125-year-old family butcher has launched what they call meat machines. “The Candy Store for the Carnivore” offers beef jerky, bacon and other preserved meats in about 10 vending machines in the area.

And Applestone Meat Company is vending fresh butcher cuts in the Hudson Valley region of New York State. They have refrigerated cases, just like a butcher’s case, freshly stocked each day and carefully monitored for temperature.

Applestone Meat O Maticvending-machine-chops

And before you ask, yes, we are intrigued by the idea, but have no immediate plans to implement it for our products.

Would you purchase meat from a machine? Do you think meat vending machines will catch on as a concept?  Tell us in the comments, or chat with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Just tag @dartagnanfoods to get the conversation started.

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  1. EDWARD SWIFT says:

    If the sell by date was clearly visible, I probably would use a vending machine to buy your products!

  2. m37bruce says:

    I don’t think so, many years ago I did use an Automat in NYC, not Neddick’s.

  3. Suzanne Douglass says:

    When I first read this,I thought this was a nutty concept. You’d have to be very sure of the quality of the purveyor of the meats to buy them full sight (and feel) unseen. But then I realized: 1) I did the same thing in my youth at Horn & Hardart (spelling?); 2) anytime you eat out or order in, you settle for the same, and 3) while I have the time to shop everyday for my food, many others don’t. Better they prepare their meals themselves even if they use these machines instead of fast junk food.

  4. Samara says:

    I’m not sure about vending machines for meat but I do love your blogs. Thank you!

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