For the Love of Waffles

Waffles seem to be everywhere these days. They are trending in a big way, from food trucks to fine dining.

And they’ve earned a spot in culinary history. Who made the first waffles?  The ancient Greeks cooked cakes between two hot metal plates and served them savory, which is how we like waffles, too. Though these hot cakes would not meet our modern standards of a waffle with the distinctive rectangular pattern.

In the late 14th century the first waffle recipe was written down, en Français. The first waffle irons that we would recognize came about in the 15th century. Many developments in waffle recipes came from Germany in the 18th century, where they introduced coffee waffles, the use of Hefeweizen beer yeast, cardamom and nutmeg. And the Belgians certainly deserve a lot of credit for their contributions to waffle history. It’s been a long trip to get to this golden age of waffles.

We like waffles with bacon (even candied bacon!) or duck rillettes, with fried chicken, of course, or pulled pork … there are so many ways to enjoy savory waffles. But we still enjoy a waffle dusted with sugar or drowned in maple syrup.

Try our recipes for waffles with a D’Artagnan twist …

Foie-ffles: Strawberry Waffles with Seared Foie Gras & Balsamic Syrup

You know we had to try waffles and foie gras. And it was worth it! Our recipe for foie-ffles combines seared foie gras with fresh strawberry waffles, strawberry sauce, and tart balsamic syrup. Did someone say brunch?


Mini Duck Fat Fried Chicken & Bacon Waffles with Sriracha Honey

Chicken and waffles is a classic combination. And what could be better than duck fat fried chicken on a fluffy bacon waffle with a sweet & spicy drizzle? A tiny version, of course! These petite portions are perfect for a party and will have your guests buzzing.

chicken & waffles recipe preview

Fun Waffle Fact: When Thomas Jefferson returned to the United States from his French ambassadorship in 1789, he brought with him many culinary innovations. One was a waffle iron with a long handle that enclosed the batter, molding and crisping it. Did he kick off a foodie trend of the time called the “waffle frolic” – a party centered around waffles, both sweet and savory? We think it’s time to revive the tradition and frolic with some waffles.

What’s your favorite way to eat waffles? 

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  1. 2deirdre says:

    Waffle Croque Madame – or Monsieur, with a simple green salad or fruit salad.

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