5 Recipes for Great Game Day Grub

For us, half the fun of the season’s final game is in the food. We’ll cheer for sticky ribs, spicy wings (with truffle butter!), and fragrant chili. So whichever team you root for (or none at all), tackle one of our hall-of-fame recipes on game day and enjoy the taste of victory. Shop our Game Day Collection to find classic selections.

1. Berkshire Oven Ribs with Sweet Bourbon BBQ Sauce


Ribs are good. Berkshire pork ribs are even better. These tender, sweet, and sticky ribs are easy to make in the oven. They’re cooked slow and low then glazed with a bourbon-spiked brown sugar barbecue sauce. Make ’em sticky and bring extra napkins to the party.

2 .Black Truffle Butter Buffalo Wings

Truffalo Wings 5

Spicy Buffalo wings are the always a party favorite. Where we see butter, we have to ask: can we use truffle butter instead? In this case, the answer is a resounding “yes!” These wings follow the classic recipe in every other respect, and are laughingly called “truffalo wings” around the office. Try it and you’ll see why this recipe is an all-around favorite.

3. Pork Shoulder Chili Verde with Potatoes


Our Berkshire pork shoulder cooks slow and low in a mixture of fresh salsa verde, roasted green chili peppers, and chicken stock in this versatile recipe. Serve with tortillas or corn chips, and top with sour cream, cilantro and lime for a little kick.

4. BBQ Pulled Wild Boar Sliders


And while you are considering pulled pork … think wild boar. Our flavorful slow-cooked wild boar shoulder stands up to zesty barbecue sauce while a classic slaw adds crunch. Serve these on soft, sweet rolls such as Hawaiian bread or mini brioche.

5. Spicy Cajun-Style Jambalaya


This quick-cooking, one-pot Jambalaya is satisfying and super easy to make. Tender chicken, shrimp, andouille sausage, and Tasso ham create a hearty meal with layers of flavor and texture. This recipe should serve four, so double up if you have a house full of sports fans.


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