Happy New Year!

Thanks for reading our blog, trying our recipes, eating our products, sharing your feedback and generally being supportive of D’Artagnan in 2016.

We value each and every one of our friends, fans and customers. And we’re looking forward to having a lot more fun with you in 2017.

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Here’s to a new year filled with great flavors, interesting cooking adventures, and all manner of good things on the table.


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  1. Nancy Hailey says:

    Re Cassoulet, Our first attempt was to cook it for Christmas, but unfortunately we were all sick with colds and bronchitis. So yesterday I laid out all the ingredients and the instructions and made it for dinner today (New Years Day).
    I decided to divide the ingredients in half since it was far too much for one meal for 3 people. I had the ingredients in the freezer and
    thawed the sausages, duck fat and broth enough to cut and divide these items and put half back in the freezer for the next time.
    The instructions were excellent, very easy to follow and didn’t take much time (except for soaking the beans overnight) to have everything in the bowl and ready to sit overnight and bake this morning.
    It turned out beautiful and so delicious. We all had two helpings plus doggie bags for our college kid to take back home.
    I hope we will be able to make this a holiday tradition.
    Sincerely, Nancy Hailey

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