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Ooh la, la! Looking for a tasty gift idea? Slip a bottle of French olive oil in the stocking of a food lover with a sophisticated palate.

French olive oil? Yes, indeed! Olive oil may be France’s best-kept secret. The small amount produced is usually kept for themselves. But actor Jean Reno felt like it was a gift worth sharing with us. And you can pass that gift along this Christmas.


Jean collaborated with a mill in the Maussane-les-Alpilles region of Provence, where he owns land and olive orchards, to produce three types of olive oil.


Historically renowned for its olives, this region produces very fine oils using ancient techniques. Jean Reno’s olive oils are silky and smooth with subtle aromas of terroir that will hook you forever on French olive oil. And we are proud to exclusively provide Reno’s olive oils to the American market.


The three types of Jean Reno Reserve Olive Oil are described below:

Green Fruity, or Fruite Vert, Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Fresh, peppery aroma, barely acidic with hints of green herbs, grapefruit and fresh almonds.

Classic Blend, Extra Virgin Olive Oil – A balanced oil with light floral notes, dried fruits, fresh peppery aftertaste.

Black Fruity, or Fruite Noir, Virgin Olive Oil –Unique, bold, fruity flavor; slightly acidic, subtle aromas of cocoa, bread, truffle, roasted artichoke.

When we launched the olive oils Chef Daniel Boulud was one of the first to try them – and he loved them!

baloud olive oil2-01.jpg

Purchase one, or all three, of Jean Reno Reserve Olive Oils at dartagnan.com.


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