How to Grill and Bake with Our Exclusive Olive Oil

Enjoy a true flavor of France with our exclusive olive oils from the Provençal orchards of actor Jean Reno. Made with ancient techniques, they are silky and smooth with subtle aromas of terroir that will hook you forever on French olive oil. Learn how to use olive oil with grilled meats like rack of lamb, no-cook sauces, and even in baking with our recipes.

Fine Olive Oil from “The Professional”

Celebrities are just like us – they love olive oil. That’s why it’s a trend among them to make their own olive oil. According to this article in Olive Oil Times, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Sting and Trudie Styler, French singer/actor Patrick Bruel, and actor Jean Reno are all in the olive oil business. We are…

Edible Stocking Stuffers

Ooh la, la! Looking for a tasty gift idea? Slip a bottle of French olive oil in the stocking of a food lover with a sophisticated palate. French olive oil? Yes, indeed! Olive oil may be France’s best-kept secret. The small amount produced is usually kept for themselves. But actor Jean Reno felt like it was…

Is Your Olive Oil the Real Thing?

You may have read about the olive oil scandals in recent years.  If not, you better sit down. Even if labeled so, EVOO is not always extra virgin, and sometimes it’s not even olive oil. Adulterated with cheap canola or sunflower oil, many of the widely-available brands are simply not the real thing. And worse, the…

Gifts for Foodies

When it comes to gifts, is there anything better than food? Not for those of us who are obsessed with all things culinary! Is there someone like that on your list? We’ve got you covered. From gift baskets and foie gras to our signature cassoulet kit, there is something for everyone at