Feast Your Eyes

For National Pork Month we thought it appropriate to share the work of Philadelphia artist Mike Geno. We’ve zeroed in on the pork pieces here, but Mike paints all kinds of food. We love the meat series (of course).

To see all his work and even purchase a piece of your own, head to mikegeno.com. No kitchen is complete without a painting of the perfect pork chop.

Boneless Pork, painting by Mike Geno
Chops, painting by Mike Geno
Pork Loin Chops, painting by Mike Geno
MT01_Bacon Mike Geno.jpg
Bacon, painting by Mike Geno

To learn more about how Mike came to paint cheese, steak and bacon, read this article in the NY Times.

And if you are feeling inspired to eat pork this month, head to dartagnan.com and give in to the urge.

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