Meet the Mushrooms: White Beech

Did you know that September is National Mushroom Month? We don’t need an excuse to celebrate the wonders of fungi, but we’ll take it.  All month long, we will be talking about our friends in the mushroom kingdom.

We recently added several new varieties of fresh mushrooms to our offerings at  And mushrooms are 15% off all month! Already a favorite among our professional chefs, these fresh mushrooms are sure to find their way into many of your cooking adventures.

The white buna-shimeji mushroom (Hypsizygus tessellatus) is a variation of the hon-shimeji. A paler relative, this mushroom is sometimes called Alba Clamshell™. With a delicate appearance and thin stems about 2 to 3 inches long, the beech mushroom is pure white. It grows in small clusters, and the mushrooms should be separated for cooking.


Chefs love these little mushrooms because of the flavor and crunchy texture. Both caps and stems are edible, so they can be tossed whole into a sauté pan with vegetables. The beech mushroom has an almond aroma and a delicate flavor that lends itself to various preparations. It pairs well with chicken, quail and rabbit, and plays nicely with olive oil, duck fat, butter, garlic, red pepper and citrus.

Pickled Mushrooms, recipe at

Explore our mushroom recipes and feel free to play – where we call for Organic Chef’s Mushroom Mix, you can substitute the mushroom of your choice.

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