It’s Chanterelle Season!

To us summer means the beginning of chanterelle season … and we have some really nice chanterelles from the Pacific Northwest and Saskatchewan in stock this week. Things are always changing in the mushroom department, with new shipments daily, so order soon and enjoy the season’s bounty.

There are three varieties in stock now:

  • Domestic chanterelles: looking very good, with nice texture, hydration and flavor
  • Button chanterelles: good moisture level, small and ideal for plate presentation
  • Saskatchewan chanterelles: beautiful specimens that grow in moss, very clean, deep orange color and intense aroma


These golden mushrooms are known as Cantharellus cibarius in Latin.  They grow on forest floors, near conifers and deciduous trees, and often in fields, beginning in July and ending as late as January.

As with any wild mushroom, the size and quality greatly depend on where they grow, and at what point of the season they are found. Young chanterelles are small, tight and firm button mushrooms, but as they mature, the cap unfurls into a flower-like shape with more fragile flesh.


The chanterelle has firm, meaty flesh which ranges in color from white to pale yellow, with a fruity, apricot aroma and flavor. The flesh ranges in color from white to pale yellow, and the underside of the cap has false gills – rounded gill-like ridges that branch irregularly and run down the stem – which is one of the identifying features of the chanterelle.


Cooking Chanterelle Mushrooms

For such an ethereal looking mushroom, the flavor of the chanterelle is powerful, with apricot nuances and a slightly peppery punch that pairs well with cream and butter. Chanterelles complement pork, chicken, rabbit, veal and quail, either in a stuffing or with a sauce.

A simple sauté with olive oil and shallots will allow you to experience the full flavor of this extraordinary mushroom. Use chanterelles anywhere you would use a mushroom: on a burger, in risotto, quiche, in a white wine sauce, or simply sautéed with butter and fresh herbs. Many believe this mushroom needs little more than a generous amount of butter and some salt and pepper. Chanterelles and pasta make a natural pair, as do eggs and chanterelles. Chanterelle mushrooms will add depth to stews and can be miraculous with scallops or shellfish. Check our mushroom recipes for more inspiration.

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