6 Brunch Ideas We Love

Brunch, a brilliant combination of breakfast and lunch, is often the most anticipated meal of the week. This best-of-both-worlds feast is perfect for those lazy weekend days when sleeping in is a must. Brunch is usually served between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., and in terms of food, anything goes. While we like a leisurely lunch at a restaurant, there is something about making your own brunch at home, and maybe in pajamas. If you are of the same mind, here are six of our favorite recipes for a satisfying brunch at home.

1. Rich and creamy shirred eggs with bacon and chives are not only delicious but ridiculously easy to prepare. Perfect for brunch!


2. This recipe for creamed mushrooms on toast will brighten up your mid-morning repast.


3. Earthy mushrooms and fragrant black truffle butter make this classic eggs en cocotte a standout!


4. Bacon and cheddar scones make the perfect companion to just about any brunch. Spread some bacon jam on top (double bacon!?!) or serve with runny eggs.


5. Nothing says comfortable Sunday morning like grits and ham. Stir in some truffle butter to make truffled grits (which is very nice as a side dish for dinner too).


6. We have to mention rillettes…spreadable duck that takes the edge off a long night. A simple brunch might consist of a charcuterie board with this intensely satisfying recipe at center.


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