5 Snacks You’ll Want to Make with Duck Fat

Did you know you can make snacks with duck fat? Don’t limit yourself to potatoes, searing meats, and salad dressing with duck fat – explore the sweet possibilities! Find out what chefs have always known: duck fat is liquid gold. Read on for 5 snacks you’ll want to make with duck fat. 

7 Fast and Easy Snacks That Will Make Your Day

We know that snacking makes for a happier day, so here are 7 recipes for some of our favorite and easy-to-make snack foods. With charcuterie and truffle butter on hand, you are always ready to make a satisfying nibble.

7 Simple Gourmet Appetizer Ideas For a Summery Cocktail Hour

Create your own happy hour when entertaining at home this summer. Serving aperitifs allows your guests to unwind and mingle a bit before the meal. Consider it the party before the party. Traditionally aperitifs are refreshing, light beverages like Champagne or a cocktail with Lillet, Dubonnet, Campari, or perhaps St. Germain. You may serve small…

Snacks for Emmy Awards Viewing

If you’re watching the Emmy Awards on Sunday night, what will you be eating? We like a quick, easy and elegant charcuterie plate for entertaining and snacking (plus it goes so well with wine). To learn more about how to lay out the perfect plate, read our post about a well-balanced charcuterie board. Add a…