Our Secret to the Best Lobster Roll

The lobster roll is an iconic summer sandwich, but it invites debate. There are two kinds of lobster rolls, each with very staunch camps supporting them. The Maine style is served cold, with a light dressing of mayonnaise, and the Connecticut style is served warm with melted butter. Which one is your pick? Read on for more about this iconic sandwich – and make your own.

Top 5 Recipes for a Tasty Labor Day

Make the most of summer’s end with our top five recipes for your Labor Day party. Whether it’s a small or large crowd, we have what you need to feed your gathering.

Game Day Eats: Top 5 Sandwiches for Super Sunday

Looking for game day ideas? For some of us all the sport is in the kitchen.  Score a major win with our recipes for game day – from snacks and bites to full-on hearty meals. Plus you can save 15% right now on both our Game Day and Charcuterie collections. Top 5 Sandwiches for Super Sunday…

Super Bowl Sandwich Showdown!

Here at D’Artagnan, like much of the country, we’ve come down with a serious case of Super Bowl Fever. Our “home team” is playing and there are A LOT of football fans on staff (and an equal number who will tune in just for the commercials *cough, cough*) but no matter who we root for…