5 Savory Baked Goods to Make Your Summer Picnics Happier

Why compromise your food game simply because you are eating outside? Any outdoor summer meal, from the backyard table to a blanket on the grass, will benefit from the addition of a savory baked good. Even if you’re glamping, these recipes can be made ahead and packed in the cooler for a rustic and chic meal….

Easy Baking Project: Duck Fat Focaccia Bread

With our focaccia recipe, we followed a tradition from northern parts of Italy where lard is added to the dough to give it a soft, slightly flaky texture. We figured duck fat can do the same, and we were right; our duck fat makes deliciously rich focaccia bread. Topped with fresh herbs and flaky salt,…

7 Recipes for Fall Baking

It’s officially autumn now, and that means it’s baking season. We like savory baked goods, but find that bacon works well with the sweet and sticky ones, too. The recipes below show that bacon, duck fat, and truffle butter all have a place in your baking plans. From doughnuts and sticky buns to focaccia and…

Duck Fat Focaccia Bread with Herbs & Sea Salt Recipe

Have you baked with duck fat yet? If not, you are missing out on a whole world of flavor. Try our recipe for ridiculously delicious duck fat focaccia bread. Topped with fresh herbs and flaky salt, it’s wonderful on its own, as a soup or salad accompaniment, or as the vehicle for your favorite sandwich fillings….