3 Recipes That Will Make You Crave Duck Legs

Duck legs don’t always get the appreciation they deserve. But that’s about to change. Our Pekin duck legs are just right for a single serving. They are tender in texture and mild in flavor, with skin that crisps up beautifully. Read on to learn more, and get the recipes.

The Best Ways to Eat Duck

We’ve got a thing for duck … and love all the tasty parts. If you feel the same way, read on to learn how each of the cuts can be eaten – from foie gras and duck breast to duck charcuterie of all kinds. These days nose-to-tail eating is all the rage and has become a…

What Are Chefs Cooking with Duck Legs?

We love sharing photos of our products that chefs post on Instagram. Lately, we noticed the under-appreciated duck leg getting some love. We scrolled through our feed (getting hungrier by the minute) to see how many dazzling duck leg dishes we could find. Here are some highlights to inspire you to include duck leg confit or roasted…

A Sous Vide Recipe: Ginger-Chili Duck Legs

Our friends at ChefSteps recently asked wild game expert David Draper for some recipes, and he delivered. Even the most enthusiastic duck hunters are often at a loss when it comes to ideas for cooking the bird’s legs. Enter ChefSteps guest contributor and wild game expert David Draper. His recommendation for tackling this fowl’s tough,…

5 Braise-Worthy Recipes

When it’s cold outside, we crave a good, long braise. So let’s look at some classic recipes for braising, shall we? 1. Rabbit. This Irish recipe by the inimitable Colman Andrews has hard cider in the braising liquid. Which is also really nice for drinking while your rabbit simmers.