5 New Ways to Enjoy Our Green Circle Chicken

Our Heritage Green Circle™ chicken is a very special bird – so richly flavorful that many say, “It’s like I never tasted chicken before!” In addition to our plump, whole birds, we now offer everyone’s favorite cuts for convenient cooking any day of the week.

The 20-Minute Chicken Dish You’ve Probably Never Made

Odds are you’ve never made rillettes. This meaty spread is a French favorite, often made from pork, duck, or rabbit, and it couldn’t be simpler to whip up at home. The tasty spread can be enjoyed with bread or crackers and is often found on charcuterie boards. This recipe for creamy chicken rillettes is made with our fully-cooked…

Cooking Chicken: 4 Favorite Recipes to Try

September is National Chicken Month, and so we’re going to talk about chicken all month long… Chicken for dinner again, you say? There are countless ways to prepare the most popular meat in the United States, but somehow it’s often plain chicken breast on the plate. Get more adventurous and cook chicken thighs, or whole…

Game Day Eats: Top 5 Wings for Super Sunday

When it comes to game day, chicken wings are pretty much required.  Check our recipes for something a little different for the fans.  And you can save 15% right now on both our Game Day and Charcuterie collections. Top 5 Chicken Wings for Super Sunday 1. Without a doubt, our truffalo chicken wings will make an impression….