Get Your Cooking Thrills with Wild Boar in the Kitchen

What is wild boar? Called “feral swine” by the USDA, it’s a hybrid of Old World pigs, introduced to North America by Spanish explorers, and wild boar brought in later for game hunting – with a bit of escaped domestic pig mixed in. You don’t need to be a hunter to enjoy the great flavor of this game meat – we offer choice cuts at Read on for more about wild boar.

Sometimes known as wild hogs, these animals number in the millions, and are running rampant in 39 states where they cause damage to agricultural crops, gardens, destroy native grasses, and impact wetland areas and soil. Essentially, wild boar are a major nuisance, which is why we need to eat them.

Texas is a state that is overrun with wild boar. There is a program to cut their numbers, which includes hunting and trapping. The humane trapping option involves large cages that trap but do not harm the wild boar. They are then taken to a USDA-inspected slaughterhouse, where they are processed as domesticated hogs would be. D’Artagnan partners with experienced trappers in Texas to provide the best wild boar meat on the hoof.

What Does Wild Boar Taste Like?

Wild boar meat is similar to pork, but there are a few differences worth noting. You will find that wild boar meat is lean, with a slightly gamey flavor that is far more intense than bland pink pork. It’s also surprisingly red when compared side by side. Wild boar meat has an intense, sweet, and almost nutty flavor, due in part to its wild diet of grasses and nuts, and forage. This meat can stand up to strong flavors.

Wild boar can be grilled, braised, pan-seared, and roasted – depending on the cut. A rack of wild boar can be grilled and sliced into chops, as in the photo above. A mini-roast can be stuffed with mushrooms and roasted with truffle butter for a splendid meal, and a shoulder can be slow-cooked for epic BBQ sandwiches.

We are not the only ones enjoying wild boar. A recent article in Garden and Gun focused on Southern chefs who are enthusiastically serving wild boar. Click through to read it and get more inspiration for your own wild boar cooking adventures.

Feeling inspired? Shop for cuts of wild boar and explore all our wild boar recipes.

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