New: 4 Gift Boxes for the Foodies on your List

We’ve got 4 new gift options this season! These additions to our line of tasty gift boxes are limited in quantity and will only be available this season. Each is designed for the foodie who loves to cook, with Wagyu beef, grass-fed filet mignon steaks, Berkshire pork chops, duck breast, and so much more. Scroll down for the details.

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Give the Ultimate Filet Mignon Recipe Kit to friends, family, and foodies on your list. This recipe kit includes 4 grass-fed filet mignon steaks, our creamy medallion of foie gras with truffles, demi-glace and truffle butter for a delightful pan sauce. The gift box also comes with a recipe brochure offering full instructions and tips for making the perfect steaks. Dinner for four coming right up!

Filet Mignon Dinner Gift Box.jpg
Ultimate Filet Mignon Recipe Kit

The Wagyu Beef Lovers Gift Box offers three great ways to experience the exquisite flavor of this remarkable beef, renowned as the world’s finest. With 2 each of Wagyu strip steaks, ribeye steaks, and burger patties, this a gift they will remember long after the dinner is over.

Wagyu Beef Lovers Gift Box
Wagyu Beef Lovers Gift Box

We called it the Carnivore’s Delight Gift Box for a reason. There’s something to tickle the fancy of every carnivore here. Nestled in a D’Artagnan gift box your lucky recipient will find: 2 grass-fed filet mignon steaks; 2 Angus beef strip steaks; 2 Berkshire pork porterhouse chops; 2 buffalo ribeye steaks and 1 grass-fed rack of lamb, and a card providing information about each product.

Carnivore Delight Gift Box
Carnivore’s Delight Gift Box

For carnivores with even bigger appetites and more adventurous palates, our Deluxe Carnivore Gift Box offer seven of our most popular antibiotic- and hormone-free cuts. It’s the perfect choice for the meat-lovers on your gift list.  This generous gift box includes 2 grass-fed filet mignon steaks; 2 Angus beef ribeye steaks; 2 Wagyu beef burger patties; Berkshire pork porterhouse chops; 2 grass-fed lamb racks; 2 magret duck breasts; 2 duck leg confit.

Deluxe Carnivore Gift Box
Deluxe Carnivore Gift Box

By the way, there’s nothing to stop you from ordering one of these just to get try al the products. They are limited in availability and a great value, so we think it’s understandable if you keep one for yourself.




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