Binge Worthy: 6 Food Series on Netflix

What’s streaming on Netflix for those who love to watch TV shows about food? Plenty! From full-on, well-produced food porn to exciting travel shows focused on eating locally, we can’t get enough.

This is not a definitive list, nor are we ranking the shows. All are appealing for various reasons. We invite you to take a look at some of our favorite food shows, and share yours with us. What food-focused shows are you streaming?

Avec Eric

The thoughtful and spiritual side of Eric Ripert is evident in this series. We love watching Eric travel around the world, bringing his gentle humor and creative mind to every place he explores in search of inspiration.

This PBS series has only 12 twenty-minute-long episodes on Netflix right now, so it’s realistic that you might watch the lot of them in one sitting. We wouldn’t judge if you did.

Chef’s Table

Stunningly beautiful, Chef’s Table is one of the most mesmerizing shows about food. Every frame of this nearly one-hour show deserves full attention, so is not to be half-watched while multi-tasking.  Each episode tells the story of a chef, from a Buddhist nun in South Korea (also featured in Avec Eric), who cooks sublime food for her monastery, to superstar Grant Achatz in Chicago. This is a show about the craft of cooking, and it can be both meditative and dazzling. You will be tempted to power stream every season.

Don’t miss Chef’s Table: France, which follows four French chefs with the same intensity.


This Netflix original series starring Michael Pollan explores the four elements – fire, water, air and earth – as they have influenced the evolution of cooking.

Based on his book Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation, the documentary series of four episodes (more a snack than a binge) explores the primal human need to cook, and urges us to keep on cooking, because the traditions surrounding this ritual are some of the most important in our lives.

Mind of a Chef

This PBS series is a smart show about cooking which, as the title promises, takes you deep into the mind of a chef. Executive producer Anthony Bourdain serves as narrator of the Emmy Award and James Beard Award winning show. Currently in its 5th season on PBS, there are 4 seasons on Netflix as of this writing. It’s a gorgeous show, and each episode is under 30 minutes, so you can sandwich them into your schedule.

Learn what makes world-class chefs tick: David Chang, Sean Brock, April Bloomfield, Magnus Nilsson, Ed Lee, Gabrielle Hamilton, and David Kinch are some of the chefs profiled so far. Many other chefs make appearances, and add their experience to the mix.

Travel with the chefs, get cooking tips, watch them create, and find out what running a restaurant is really like. For the food obsessed, this show is a must. Here’s a complete episode – a musical special – to give you a taste.

A Cook Abroad

It appears that full episodes of this BBC series are also on YouTube, so if you don’t have Netflix, watch them there.

Six British celebrity chefs embark on trips to six different countries to find exciting new foods and techniques, learn about local culinary traditions and indulge their passion for food. Armchair travelers will love this one!


Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

You’ve probably seen Bourdain’s show on CNN, and likely the one before that on the Travel Channel (watch a clip from Dec, 2007 No Reservations holiday special). With 8 seasons available to stream on Netflix, you can easily get your fill of the juicy episodes tracking Bourdain around the world.

Tell us what food-related shows you enjoy watching. Share in the comments, or on social media. Tag @dartagnanfoods on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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  1. joelegge3 says:

    Chef’s Table is really good. But the show that made me want to raise my cooking game was… Hannibal.

  2. jacquelineannemarielarkin says:

    Love this! It’s a great summary for the food-show obsessed (myself included), which is an addiction I intend to keep feeding into. Thank you for the great overview of shows/series found on Netflix.

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