Happy Father’s Day

Wishing all the fathers a very happy day. We hope you spend it with family, friends and food!

Ariane and Dad with Geese

We wanted to share this old photo of D’Artagnan founder Ariane with her dad at a farm back in France. Ariane’s father, Chef André Daguin, is famous throughout France for his artistry with foie gras and other Gascon specialties.

Because she grew up in his kitchen, Ariane was expert at deboning ducks, rendering duck fat, preparing terrines and cooking game birds by the time she was ten. She also developed a good eye for spotting the goose with the best foie gras inside.

Ariane, Father, D'Artagnan Statue
Ariane and Andre Daguin at the D’Artagnan statue in Auch, France.

Ariane’s father is a huge influence on the direction that her life took. Although she came to the United States to attend university, and get far away from the world of food, her destiny was too strong. Thanks to her father, she had a very strong foundation on which to build D’Artagnan. So thanks to André Daguin, for inspiring Ariane to make America a tastier place for us all!




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  1. m37bruce says:

    Thank-You very much Ariane, wishing your father the same!

  2. Charles and Rickie Hochman says:

    we have many happy memories of M. Daguin’s warm and generous hospitality at the Hotel de France!

  3. Gugenheim François says:

    Merci Ariane … quels beaux souvenirs 🥂

    Envoyé de mon iPhone


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