National Egg Day: Make it Egg-cellent

When it comes to eggs, at D’Artagnan we like them different. We’ve been known to saw open an ostrich egg for a huge omelette, or devil dozens of tiny quail eggs. And there’s something wonderful about rich duck eggs, with their big yolks and robust flavor.

But for everyday fare, the chicken egg still rules the roost. Today is National Egg Day, and so we’re going to share some egg recipes, and hope to inspire some eggy meals.

Mini Chorizo Pancakes with Pan Seared Quail Egg

Eggs Poached in Spicy Tomato Sauce with Andouille & Peppers

Shakshuka is so hot right now. There are versions of eggs poached in tomato sauce in cultures around the world, from North Africa to Italy, Israel to Mexico – and they’re all delicious! In this riff, andouille sausage adds richness and spice while red bell peppers lend sweetness. This hearty dish is great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner; serve it family-style (or in tiny 6” skillets, if you’ve got them). Warm bread or pita is great accompaniment.


Scotch Quail Eggs

These wee Scotch eggs are cute and delicious, perfect for any festive party, or brunch appetizer course. A golden shell gives way to flavorful wild boar sausage and a soft-boiled quail egg – they’re irresistible.


Breakfast Burger

We love a burger with a bonus egg on top. The breakfast burger is a bistro classic, although we’ve upped the flavor ante by using lean buffalo and adding zesty mayo inspired by our favorite morning cocktail. Don’t let the name fool you, this protein-packed burger is delicious any time of day.

breakfast  burger

Duck Confit with Soft Boiled Duck Eggs

Which came first, the duck or the egg? Chef Matt Rojas cures duck legs in a fragrant, toasted spice mixture before slow cooking them in duck fat. The resulting confit is succulent and flavorful with a crispy crackling skin, and it’s served with soft-boiled duck eggs.


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