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Moulard Magret – Duck Breast – is one of the most popular items on our website, and it’s always getting rave reviews. Plus it’s among the most often shared products on social media. People love to share a good thing!

Read on to see what everyone is talking about.


Sometimes called “duck steak,” the magret (breast) of the Moulard duck is known for its rich flavor and dark red meat. This product is very personal to Ariane, the founder and owner of D’Artagnan. Her father, a well-known chef in France, was the first to cook duck breast like a steak years ago in the family’s hotel-restaurant in Auch, France. Today, you will find it on menus around the world—and it should be on your table, too.
Duck steak can be a great option at the holiday table, as this review attests…

Our New Holiday Standard

Moulard Magret duck breast has become the standard holiday fare in our home. We always pan saute, and we’ve served it with a cherry sauce, Grand Marnier orange sauce and an orange-pomegranate sauce. It’s always delicious, and always a big hit with family and friends. Great product, great service!
Bob from CA 

Speaking of holidays and special occasions, you can give the gift of duck with our Duck Magret and Duck Confit Gift Box, which combines our top two duck products, or the generous Deluxe Duck Gift Box, with six different duck items!

Duck breast stores well in the freezer, so you are always ready for a fabulous dinner.

Cannot Get Enough

I always have one or two of these duck breasts in my freezer. The quality and taste is amazing. While duck may be a little tricky to cook, I tell people that if they can cook bacon, they can cook duck. I’ve grabbed packages of duck breast from other companies, and always come back to D’Artagnan magret because it’s so superior to those other products. Medium rare with crispy skin? Heaven.
– Alysia from MA 
Duck breast is easy to cook, even for a first-timer.


This was excellent. As this was my first time cooking duck, I kept it simple. Just pan seared with a red wine and cream reduction. The flavor was fantastic. I will order more next time.
Michael from OR
Check our website for duck recipes to get you started. And order your duck breast here. Looking for the other parts of a duck? We have plenty more for the fan of duck meat at

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