What’s Cooking? Wagyu Short Ribs

Our friends at District Distilling Co. in Washington, D.C. shared a peek at what they’re making with our Wagyu Short Ribs. Their Instagram shows the marination stage of their kalbi recipe … now we’re eager to try this ourselves!

Kalbi, or galbi, is Korean barbecue, and our Wagyu short ribs make a good choice for this tasty dish. Usually made with bone-in short ribs, the recipe easily adapts to the conveniently boneless short ribs.

Wagyu Ribs in marinade at District Distilling Company.jpg

Boneless Wagyu Short Ribs are perfect for marinating and then grilling, as with kalbi, but also great in a slow cooker. This makes them a good choice for any season.

Our short ribs come from domestically-raised Wagyu cattle that are fed a Japanese-style diet to make them as tender and marbled as can be. It’s what we love about Wagyu!

wagyu beef short ribs.jpg

Learn more about traditional kalbi at Crazy Korean Cooking, or try the New York Times recipe for these easy and delightful ribs.

Tell us if you cook our Wagyu Short Ribs!  Share your experiences with us here, or on social media. Tag @dartagnanfoods on FacebookInstagram or Twitter. We also love pinning! Explore our tasty boards on Pinterest.

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