What’s for Dinner? Oscars Night Menu

With the Academy Awards on Sunday night, our thoughts turn to the stars. Eat like they do on the big night. Our menu suggestions below are classical, yet achievable for the home cook. Roll out the red carpet and prepare for the oohs and ahs.

Choose one of the appetizers and one of the main dishes for an upscale evening of flavorful dishes.

Pre-Show Starters

Begin as you mean to go on, and impress with our Cauliflower Mousse with Caviar to start. Our briny French caviar is the shining star of this elegant appetizer with creamy cauliflower mousse playing an award-worthy supporting role.

cauliflower-mousse-with-caviar-recipe (1)

Try Oysters with Bacon, Cream, and Truffled Breadcrumbs for a luxe appetizer. These quickly broiled oysters with bacon, leeks, crème fraîche and truffled breadcrumbs are little flavor bombs. Get organized; this recipe comes together fast, so mise en place is a must.


This luxurious Creamy Pasta with Black Truffles recipe requires only 4 ingredients, 1 pan, and 15 minutes to prepare. It’s kitchen alchemy at its best – a little pasta water and triple-cream soft cheese creates a silky sauce that’s the perfect canvas for heady black truffle.


The Big Show

Designed for two, this Duck Wellington with Truffle Armagnac Sauce recipe uses foie gras, duck breast, and black truffle butter. Can it get any better? Why, yes. There is also Armagnac.


This venison chop recipe, from Chef Chris Shephard, will make you look like a pro. Candied radishes with duck confit and brioche spoon bread accompany a simply-seared venison chop for an impressive plate.Venison makes an interesting alternative to beef, and signals that this meal is not like all the others.


We couldn’t leave this one out. Designed to appease the appetite of the ultimate gourmand – Rossini himself, for whom it is named – this decadent, rich and satisfying dish is perfect for a special occasion. Tournedos Rossini may be simple to make, but it is leaves a lasting impression. Did we mention the truffles?

tournedos rossini1

How Sweet It Is: The After Party

You were waiting for the foie gras, right? Instead of starting with seared foie gras, we are finishing with it. Foie Gras Crème Brûlée is a creamy, sweet custard that is enriched with foie gras. Serve as a dessert, or if you insist on starting with foie gras, as an appetizer with toasted brioche and Sauternes.


If you serve crème brûlée as a starter are looking for another equally decadent dessert, try our recipe for Black Truffle Ice Cream with Truffle Honey Florentines. It does not get better than this. We don’t think the Hollywood stars will get any better. Congratulations on your winning meal!

If you try any of our recipes, please let us know how they turn out. Tag @dartagnanfoods on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter – and be sure to share photos! 

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