A Cassoulet Day Giveaway

January 9th is Cassoulet Day  … and we are partnering with our friends at Languedoc Wines to give away 2 Cassoulet Recipe Kits this month. Click here for details and to enter the giveaway. For those who simply cannot wait, cassoulet is 20% off right now at dartagnan.com in honor of Cassoulet Day!

Cassoulet in Cassole

The Languedoc region (click here for pronunciation) is next door to Gascony, where Ariane comes from, in Southwest France. The area is known as the home of cassoulet, that iconic dish of beans and preserved meats that is cooked for hours in a clay bowl. It’s the French equivalent to chili, and like that other comfort food, courts controversy and competition.

As Ariane’s father, Chef André Daguin says, “Cassoulet is less a recipe than a way to argue between villages.” And each town in the region has their own version which must be strictly adhered to: one with lamb, another without, all-pork cassoulet, and those that mix pork, goose and/or duck, crumbs on top, or a prohibition on crumbs. Each town is equally scornful of the other interpretations. It’s all done with tongue in cheek, and a spoon at the ready.


In this giveaway, two lucky winners will receive their own Cassoulet Recipe Kit, and get to experience the flavors of Southwest France in the comfort of their own home. Not to mention the adventure of cooking it!

Each kit comes complete with Haricot Tarbais beans, duck confit, duck & Armagnac sausage, pork garlic sausage, ventrèche (unsmoked pork belly) duck fat, demi-glace and the traditional clay bowl used to cook it all. The kit also comes with instructions for preparing the traditional one-pot meal.

It will provide plenty for you and 12 of your closest friends. So stock up on Languedoc wines and plan a dinner party. Check the Languedoc Wines site for wine pairing recommendations.


Have you tried cassoulet? It’s the right time of year to do it! This hearty dish is the very essence of comfort food. Tell us about your cassoulet experiences here, or find us on social media. Tag @dartagnanfoods on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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