When You Bake Our Easy Focaccia Bread You’ll Be Right On Trend

With so many of us sheltering in place, there’s been a lot more cooking happening at home. We’ve noticed that there’s also lots of baking going on. People are discovering the joys of baking bread at home, with sourdough bread, pizza, and focaccia topping the list … and we have a killer duck fat focaccia that is a riff on the classic Italian recipe with lard. Read on for the delicious details and try your hand at this super-easy recipe.

Easy Baking Project: Duck Fat Focaccia Bread

With our focaccia recipe, we followed a tradition from northern parts of Italy where lard is added to the dough to give it a soft, slightly flaky texture. We figured duck fat can do the same, and we were right; our duck fat makes deliciously rich focaccia bread. Topped with fresh herbs and flaky salt,…