7 Easy Pasta Recipes to get Dinner on the Table Fast

When you’re stuck at home with a supply of pasta it’s easy to make a speedy dinner with a few add-ons. Bacon, pancetta, mushrooms, cheese, slow-cooked veal – or what you’ve got in the freezer – can transform pasta into a comforting meal. Check dartagnan.com for the proteins you need, and read on for 7 tasty recipes that anyone can make at home.

Win at Weeknight Dinners with these 5 Easy Recipes

Plan ahead with these easy recipes that come together quickly – even on a weeknight. It’s often a challenge to eat a good meal during a hectic workweek, but our recipes offer wholesome dinners that can be made on weeknights. With quick-cooking cuts like lamb tenderloin and easy pasta carbonara with duck bacon, there are…