How to Make Turkey Stock and Why You Should

Before you roast that turkey, plan ahead for the bones. Don’t waste this precious part of the turkey – instead, save them to make turkey stock. Not only will you have a base for soup and sauces for months to come, but you will use every bit of that free-range, organic turkey. Read on for the easy steps.

What to do with Thanksgiving Leftovers

First and foremost, be sure to save all the turkey bones to make stock. Easy to do, and so much more satisfying than store-bought stock. Once you have turkey stock, you can use it for all sorts of soups, including this famous turkey chili soup recipe from Al Yaganeh, known as the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld….

Save the Turkey Bones!

Surely you are making turkey stock with the bones left after your Thanksgiving feast? If not, read on for a few compelling reasons to do so. Seven Reasons to Make Turkey Stock Bone stock is packed with gelatin which supports skin, hair, joint health and many processes in the body. It has lots of minerals,…

You Can Put Stock in This

There’s stock and then there’s brown stock…which makes a wonderful, hearty base for thick, dark gravy. And this time of year, with turkey and mashed potatoes on the holiday menu, that’s music to the ears. Read on for the simple techniques that will make your gravy the best ever. You could say it’s the secret…