A Gift List for DIYers Who Love Food

Will 2020 go down as the year of DIY? So many people have learned new skills in the kitchen – from bread baking and fermenting to cocktail mixing – and perhaps most importantly, how to make dinner interesting every night. We’ve assembled a shortlist of gifts for those who are embracing the cook-at-home trend.

We Can Pickle That!

Over the past months, many people discovered the joys of preserving when they learned how to make sauerkraut, jams, pickled mushrooms, and more. They will love this Easy Fermenter kit which includes specialized lids and a vacuum pump to help perfect the preservation efforts. Go all-out and include The Noma Guide to Fermentation – a bestselling book on the subject from one of the top restaurants in the world. For those obsessed with sauerkraut, you might upgrade to a traditional clay crock for fermenting.

Oh, Holy Sheet, the Chicken Thighs are Roasting

This lovely sheet pan – actual name Holy Sheet – will make a colorful and useful addition to any kitchen. At 17 by 12 inches, this half sheet pan is perfect for smaller needs – roasting a few chicken thighs, baking a batch of cookies or focaccia bread, or broiling duck leg confit. And unlike the average sheet pan, it’s reinforced with rods and ceramic overlay which means it won’t warp in the heat of the oven.

The Coffee Lover’s Dream Cup

For those who love Vietnamese coffee, it won’t get any easier to make than this. Copper Cow Coffee offers a clever, individual pour-over coffee system that means every cup is super-powered with caffeine and flavor. Organic beans, quality-obsessed, eco-friendly – what more could you want? Shelf-stable creamer packs with all-natural ingredients. You get those, too. Explore the gift guide and send something unique to a coffee snob.

Some Like It Hot

Here’s a great DIY gift – a hot sauce making kit. Once they learn how it’s done you may be the lucky recipient of homemade hot sauce. Choose from this kit that offers fermented sauce or another with 3 different recipes.

Save the Bread – and the Bees

Give them something 100% natural, reusable, and ecological. Bee’s Wraps are made with organic cotton and beeswax and take the place of plastic wrap for food storage. This large wrap is a great gift for anyone who took up bread baking this year. It will preserve the freshness and keep that sourdough loaf from hardening. Check out the full range of wraps – in many colors and patterns.

One-Pot Wonder

This traditional dish of preserved duck, sausage, and beans is the very soul of comfort cooking. Give those who like to cook a project! They can easily master a French classic with our cassoulet recipe kit – available in two sizes, to serve 6 or 12 people. The hearty one-pot meal is ideal for holiday gatherings and weekend family dinners.

Cheat Sheet for Wine Pairing

Not your average kitchen towel, this set of two helps you pair food with wine! They cover 68 popular wines and 56 different foods, for 3,808 possible pairings. Great for the oenophile – or someone currently in training, these towels are quite useful.

The Cutting Edge

When you do a lot of cooking a good knife becomes a necessity and the Global knife collection offers an upgrade to the average home cook. Their ergonomic, one-piece stainless-steel knives retain an edge longer than any other major knife brand – and they were Anthony Bourdain’s favorite knives, as mentioned in his memoir Kitchen Confidential. His choice? The Global G-2 chef’s knife. Be aware there is a superstition about gifting knives. You should include a coin of any value with the knife and let the recipient hand it back to you to “purchase” the knife from you.

Build Your Own Charcuterie Board

No gift list is complete without a box of charcuterie. We think the holidays are made better with the addition of cured meats … it’s easy to serve and creates an instant party (just add wine and crackers). We have several options to choose from – charcuterie to serve 4, 8, or 12 – all packaged in a pretty box.

Explore the other tasty gift ideas at dartagnan.com or send our gift certificates and let them choose their favorites.

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