8 of the Best Foodie Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is coming … this year it is June 21st. What can you give the serious foodie dad? We’ve got ideas from a whole ribeye to a pizza oven that fits on his grill. If dad likes to cook, we’ve got you covered.  And don’t forget … you can always find gourmet gifts at dartagnan.com or give a D’Artagnan gift certificate. Because food is the greatest gift of all.

The Gift You Can Eat

Naturally, we think a gift he can eat is the best choice of all. Whole ribeye, racks of ribs, pork belly, pork and lamb chops, bacon – what does dad love to cook? Explore our Father’s Day collection and find him something tasty!

Handmade Butcher Blocks & Boards

Brooklyn Butcher Blocks is a small company that makes high-quality boards of all kinds from wood sourced in the USA. Handmade, built to last and perfect for a dad who cooks a lot. Check out the board that holds a tablet – just right for the guy with an extensive online recipe collection who often cooks along with YouTube videos. If that’s not his speed, have a look at the other boards they make – each is beautiful.


Pizza that’s Even Better than Delivery

If he’s missing his favorite pizza, why not make some at home? The Kettle Pizza adapts a charcoal (or gas) grill into a pizza oven that can hit 750 degrees – plenty hot to create that perfect crispy crust. Check out the range of options here and find the right one to fit dad’s grill.

Kettle Pizza

Meet the Meater+

With built-in Bluetooth, this smart meat thermometer allows you to grill or smoke and monitor everything from inside the house – on your phone. With a beautiful bamboo case, this is an elegant digital solution for any dad who loves outdoor cooking. Check out the Meater+ here. 

Meater +

A Smoking Gun

This professional-level Breville infuser is a handheld smoking gun that naturally adds smoky flavor and aroma to meat, fish, vegetables, desserts, beverages, and cocktails.  Because dad is too good for that chemical smoke in a bottle.  

Breville Smoking Gun

Organic Grains and Flour for Bakers

If dad is into baking, give him organic, artisanal, stone-milled flour from Bellegarde in New Orleans, where the team is dedicated to “reviving the integrity of bread.” Their old-world approach makes fresh flour from whole grains – ideal for that gorgeous boule of sourdough he’s been perfecting.  There are several heirloom types of grains available – including whole wheat, rye, and buckwheat – that will take his baking to the next level. Check out the handmade pasta as well – perfect for the sauce he’s so proud of making from scratch.

Organic Bellegarde Grains

A Wine Club For Oenophiles

Dry Farm Wines curates only the highest quality natural wines from small family farms around the world that meet strict standards of purity. Low in sugar, with no additives or preservatives – very different from most commercialized and processed wines – these are hard-to-find bottles that anyone would love to drink. You can send a gift box without subscribing or sign him up for recurring delivery.

Dry Farm Wines

Cast Iron is Forever

There are so many small companies reviving the art in the U.S. it seems that we are living in a new cast iron age. If dad likes to cook, he probably has a cast iron pan already. Explore some of the other options from young companies like Finex, Lancaster Cast Iron, Butter Pat Industries, and Field.  They are creating lightweight, smooth, and handmade cast iron cooking tools that are certain to become family heirlooms. And always, there is Lodge – since 1896. This stalwart of cast iron cooking offers deep pans, woks, Dutch ovens, small pans, grill pans, griddles, and more.  Explore their collection and find dad something new.

gallery-skillet-12-lid FINEX
You can’t mistake the distinctive shape of Finex cast iron.

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