Something for Every Food Lover on Your Gift List

We’re making gifts for foodies easy this season. Even if you’re not a hardcore food lover, this list will make it easy for you to impress those who are. You’ll find something for the griller, fermenter, baker, coffee obsessive, and the carnivore … among others. Read on for 10 gifts that foodies are sure to love. 

The Steak of All Steaks

If they love steak, give them an A5 Wagyu ribeye steak from Japan. This is top-scoring, imported Japanese Wagyu beef, raised by masters who follow traditional methods to produce beef that is recognized around the world for its marbling, velvety texture and sweet flavor. Only a small percentage of all the Wagyu produced in Japan scores this high – it’s a rare gift indeed.

The Ultimate Southern Gift Set

The food world is abuzz about Sean Brock and his new book South. This is an opportunity to give the book along with his signature heirloom cornbread mix, and a Butter Pat cast iron pan – hand-forged in the USA – to a diehard food lover. Tradition is alive and well and this thoughtful gift proves it.

Butterpat Sean Brock Book & Cornmix

Pour-Over Coffee Maker & Carafe Set

For coffee lovers who appreciate design (and a quality cup of Joe), this pour-over coffee maker is just right. Elegantly made of glass with ultra-fine stainless steel filters to extract all the flavor. Be sure to get the companion gooseneck kettle to prevent spills. Throw in some organic, fair-trade coffee beans from Bastion Roasting Co., a young West Coast roastery with a commitment to sustainability (all their packaging is compostable).

The Grommet Pour Over

The Star Wars Collection

The folks at planet Le Creuset have geeked out with an entire collection of Star Wars-themed items. The signature carbonite Hans Solo roaster is the knockout hit, but there are plenty of robot mini cocottes and Death Star trivets to round out the collection.

Star Wars Le Creuset.jpg

Homemade Gin Kit

For those mixologists with a DIY streak, this kit will be a hit. With the glass bottles, herbs, and botanicals and some additional needs, your favorite bartender will soon have a signature gin to share (with you, hopefully).

Food 52 Gin Making Set

The Cure-All

No gift list is complete without a box of charcuterie. We think the holidays are made better with the addition of cured meats … it’s easy to serve and creates an instant party (just add wine). Whether gifting a hostess or the carnivore on your list, we have several options to choose from – charcuterie to serve 4, 8 or 12 – all packaged in a pretty box.

It’s Alive!

Is there a fan of fermentation on your list? Give them this elegant home fermentation kit so they can make kimchi and sauerkraut safely and easily. You might want to throw in the bible on the subject: The Art of FermentationHello, probiotics!


Sourdough Starter and Handmade Stoneware Crock Set

For the serious bread baker, nothing is more valuable than a fresh sourdough starter. Enter King Arthur Flour with a starter that has been “lovingly nurtured in New England for decades.” Now the baker on your list can add their flour-covered hands to the many who have created wonderful bread with it. The American-made crock will house the starter  – but be aware, the starter needs feeding. So don’t order early and stash in a closet. Be prepared to feed the starter yourself before handing it off on Christmas.

King Arthur Crock and Starter.jpg

The Hero Portable Grill

Grillers who like to tailgate, hike, camp or road trip will appreciate this lightweight grill. At only 10 pounds, it comes in a carrying case that contains charcoal pods, thermometer, spatula and cutting board … almost all you need for a grilling adventure. Obviously, some steaks and chops would fill the grill nicely.  It’s a moveable feast indeed.

Portable grill.jpg

Give A Goat

Heifer International is a unique non-profit organization that’s celebrating 75 years of empowering people around the world. The living example of the “teach a man to fish” principle, Heifer places livestock with impoverished families so they can become self-sustaining. Your donation will provide goats, oxen, buffaloes, alpacas, pigs, sheep – or smaller animals like rabbits, chickens, ducks, and even bees – in a community where they can do the most good. Look at their gift catalog to see how you can make a real difference. You can give a holiday card detailing the donation in the name of the gift recipient on your list.

Heifer Top Image.jpg

We hope you will enjoy giving these gifts … or getting them. There’s no shame in sharing this list so you can receive one of these gifts.

Shop for all manner of tasty things for the holiday season – and electronic gift certificates that give them the chance to choose.

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