Your $50 and Under Gift List for Food Lovers

Find inspired and tasty gifts for all your favorite foodies. From the edible to the incredible, there are options to impress and delight bakers, cooks, eaters, and drinkers. Read on for the list.

Stocking Stuffer? Try Dry-Cured Sausage 

Our dry-cured saucisson sec is ready-to-eat, shelf-stable and handmade naturally without nitrates, nitrites or preservatives. So you don’t need an insulted stocking with an ice pack. With three varieties – pork, wild boar and duck – this cured sausage is a must for any charcuterie board and makes for a delicious snack on its own. Buy one, or all three. $10.99 – $11.99

saucisson sec wild boar.jpg

An Icon in the Kitchen: Peugeot Pepper Mill

There is something so perfect about the iconic Peugeot wooden pepper mill. The simplicity and elegance of the mill and its classic design make it a forever gift they will cherish. A variety of sizes from 5″ to 9″ are all under $50, making this French classic an attainable luxury.

Pepper and salt mills in a rich chocolate color at Williams Sonoma.

What a Souper Idea!

Great for the slow foodies on your list. They can freeze homemade bone stock or bisque soups in these Souper Cubes and pop them out for sauces or single servings. $19.99

Souper The Grommet.jpg

Salt of the Earth

Give them an excellent finishing salt like Jacobsen – hand-harvested from the cold waters of the Oregon coast. This beautiful American sea salt has terroir for days. Drop a 4-ounce bag in their stocking, or get a 5-pack of travel tins to spread the love – BYOS is de rigueur for connoisseurs who won’t use just any old table salt. 2 for $24.95 / tins $14.95

Jacobsen Salt Cooking

Drink These Cocktail Gummies

These charming Sugarfina gummy bears make a perfect stocking stuffer for those with a sweet tooth or a penchant for sparkling wines. That’s because the lovely little bears are made of rosé and Champagne! $8.95 – $45.00

Elegant Spice Grinder

Pretty enough to keep on the counter, this cast-iron spice grinder will pulverize fresh peppercorns, cloves, star anise, cumin and more. Freshly ground spices are best, but who takes the time? With just a few twists of this elegant grinder, the fragrance of the spices will be released. $34.95

Zassenhaus Spice Grinder The Grommet

Make Grilled Cheese in a Toaster

A great stocking stuffer for a college student (dorm cooking ain’t easy), these reusable Toastabags bags can make grilled cheese sandwiches, re-heat pizza slices or pita bread, and more. They turn a simple toaster into a grill pan and oven – all while keeping things neat and clean. $32.00

Food52 Toastabags

Old School Cornbread Mix

They can make the perfect cornbread with this heirloom Jimmy Red Corn mix – the brainchild of chef Sean Brock and Geechie Boy Mill. This is a true taste of the south and will be appreciated by cornbread lovers across the country. Have a look at Sean’s books, as well. His latest, South, released this fall, is certain to be on every foodie’s wish list this holiday season. $11.00


The Terroir of France

Olive oil may be France’s best-kept secret. The small amount produced usually stays in France, but Jean Reno, the award-winning actor, has changed that. He grows olives in the Maussane-les-Alpilles region of Provence and shares the artisanal oil he makes there – exclusively available at D’Artagnan.  3 varieties, $27.99 each


Vintage-Style Food Ornaments

Give them their favorite snack in the form of an ornament. Choose from doughnuts, butter, sardines, caviar, hot sauce, ramen, and more … there’s something for every taste in this collection of vintage-inspired ornaments. Most are $24.00.

Food52 Food Ornaments

The First Non-Alcoholic Spirits

A bottle of Seedlip might not quite fit in a stocking, but the non-drinkers on your list with thank you just the same. Distilled like alcoholic spirits – only without the alcohol – these striking bottles are perfect for sophisticated mocktails. Fragrant with aromatics, fruits, and herbs, they are definitely the thing to drink when you’re not drinking. $30.00


Really Fine Vanilla

Bakers can always use good vanilla beans, and those from Heilala are ethically sourced on the island of Tonga. With a unique and powerful flavor, these beans – and the other vanilla products of Heilala – will impress anyone with a nose. $15.97 for vanilla beans.


The ThermoPop

Designed for professionals, ThermoWorks thermometers are durable, accurate and top quality. The ThermoPop comes in 9 colors, has a 360-degree rotating digital display, gives super fast readings, and is the perfect gift for a serious cook. $34.00



Looking for something else? Check for gifts like charcuterie boxes filled with tasty things, our signature cassoulet kit, and much more.

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