These Chef Dishes From Instagram Will Make You Crave Pork

We love looking at food. If you’re like us and want to see beautiful plates created by chefs, Instagram is the place to be. Read on for some highlights of what our chefs are posting – using D’Artagnan products, of course – to whet your appetite. Join us on Instagram for a view into the many professional and home kitchens that serve D’Artagnan. Fair warning: these pictures will make you hungry.

Our theme this time is pork, both Berkshire and Porcelet – milk-fed piglet exclusively at D’Artagnan – are featured. You can enjoy the same pork at home that chefs serve in fine restaurants across the country.

1. The West End

At The West End in Hyannis, MA, they know how to treat a pork chop. For this colorful plate, our Berkshire pork chops are grilled and paired with scallion rice and a roasted shiitake asparagus salad.

IG Berkshire pork chop with scallion rice and a roasted shiitake - asparagus salad at The West End in Hyannis, MA

2. Bar Brigade

Chef de Cuisine Franklin Hunter of Bar Brigade in St. Paul, MN recently shared this pretty plate on his Instagram account. The perfect composition of lightly-smoked Berkshire pork loin, fried zucchini, sweet corn purée, and grilled wild ramp puts us in the mood for pork.

IG Berkshire pork loin, fried zucchini, sweet corn purée and grilled wild ramp by Franklin Hunter of brigadestp in St. Paul, MN

3. Wayan

These succulent tamarind-glazed Berkshire baby back ribs are on the menu at Wayan in NYC, Chef Cédric Vongerichten’s first solo venture. Love the looks of all the spices on top!

D'Artagnan Berkshire pork baby back ribs at Wayan in NYC

4. Service Bar

Feast your eyes on this honey-roasted porcelet collar with char siu lo mein, smoked oyster sauce and Wagyu fat by Chef Danny. If you want to eat it, you’ll have to go to Service Bar in Columbus, Ohio.

porcelet collar, char siu lo mein, smoked oyster sauce and Wagyu fat by Chef Danny at servicebarcbus

5. Restaurant Nicholas

A  one-night-only dinner on June 27 at Restaurant Nicholas will feature house-cured pork belly with sumac and rhubarb. It’s a late spring bonanza of flavors. Get your seat here.

IG Restaurnat Nicholas Pork Belly.jpg

How do you like to cook pork? What’s your favorite cut? Browse the many possibilities at and plan your own pork dinner at home. Find a pork recipe in our collection.

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