A Father’s Day Gift List for Men Who Like to Cook

We have a few ideas for dads who love to cook. First, of course, we suggest you give a selection of his favorite meats. And then we have a few ideas to complement dads food-obsessed lifestyle. Make him happy this Father’s Day by giving him something to cook with, and something to cook. Read on for our tasty gift ideas. 

An Edible Father’s Day Collection

Give dad something he’ll love to eat with our collection of popular cuts in the Father’s Day collection. Our beef brisket, rack of lamb, burgers, pork chops, veal chops, juicy steaks, and ribs are all great options. Explore these and other favorites for the grill.

steaks cooking over flaming grill

Meat Carving Boards

Once he has the best meat, make sure dad has the right carving board to serve it. This Vermont maple board is ideal for the serious carnivore who likes to grill, with a wide groove to collect the delicious juices.


Paella Dinner Kit

Just add our spicy chorizo to this paella kit, which will set dad up for a whole new cooking adventure. Once he’s got a paella pan, anything can happen.


Authentic Thai Knives

If he likes knives – and what cook doesn’t? – get him one of these unique knives, which are handmade in a small Thai village in a centuries-old culinary tradition. Great for global cooks, they will be useful for all kinds of things – making pad Thai, stir-fries, chopped salads, opening a coconut, making short work fo a watermelon, and all kinds of meat. 

Thai Knives Uncommon Goods

Tough Apron for Hard Work

Filson has been outfitting outdoorsman since 1897 with rugged, high-quality, well-designed (favored among urban cognoscenti) products that are made in the USA. Although this waxed canvas apron is intended for hard work, we can see it become dad’s favorite grill-side.

Filson Apron JPG.jpg

The Hobo Knife

Before there was environmentalism there was the hobo knife. Used by migrant workers and vagabonds in the early 20th century, this ingeniously designed cutlery breaks into 3 pieces for eating and can be reassembled quickly for pocket-friendly travel. Great for camping, keeping in the glove box, or dad’s lunchbox, this finely crafted utensil will last a lifetime.

Hobo Knife

The Cutting Edge of Thermometers

Serious thermometers for serious cooks come from ThermoWorks. The Super-Fast® Thermapen model is the best for speed and accuracy, and the display turns so his head won’t have to. Finally, dad will have the right tool for grilling the perfect medium-rare steak.


The Sous Vide Solution

He’ll never overcook a steak again with the Joule by ChefSteps. For the dedicated indoor cook, consider this elegant machine, small enough to fit in a drawer, yet the most powerful sous vide available for home use. Sous vide is a pro chef technique that creates incomparable results. Learn more in our sous vide blog post.


Ready-To-Eat Charcuterie Board

Our gift boxes of charcuterie are designed to serve 4, 8, or 12 people – just pick the right size and give dad an assortment of tasty D’Artagnan signature items. All he needs to add is some grainy mustard, cornichons or olives, and bread or crackers to make it the perfect party. We hope you get invited!

Charcuterie for 12 kit

If you’re a dad who wants any of these gifts, be sure to share the link to this blog post with your family. We hope you have a happy Father’s Day.

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