These Chef Dishes from Instagram will Make You Crave Duck

We love looking at food. If you’re like us and want to see beautiful plates created by chefs, Instagram is the place to be. Read on for some highlights of what our chefs are posting – using D’Artagnan products, of course – to whet your appetite. Join us on Instagram for a view into the many professional and home kitchens that serve D’Artagnan. Fair warning: these pictures will make you hungry.

Our theme this time is duck in all its glory. Duck was the inspiration for the founding of D’Artagnan in 1985, and it remains a staple. You can enjoy the same duck at home that chefs serve in fine restaurants across the country.

1. Bresca, Washington, DC

On May 22, Bresca will collaborate with Ariane Daguin, founder and owner of D’Artagnan for the “All Duck Or No Dinner” experience. This 3-course duck meal will showcase the famous Duck à la Presse, seen here. For more about Michelin-starred Bresca read our interview with Chef Ryan Ratino and see the menu for this one-of-a-kind duck dinner.

IG Duck Press Bresca DC

2. St. Genevieve, Minneapolis, MN

At St. Genevieve, a Parisian-style bistro, housemade duck hot dogs are served in milk buns with pickled red onion, and crispy duck skin crumble. That’s no ordinary hot dog!

Duck Hot Dog St Genevieve IG.jpg

3. The Loyalist, Chicago, IL

The Loyalist offers a limited number of D’Artagnan exclusive whole Rohan ducks each evening. Glazed in honey the juicy-on-the-inside, crispy-on-the-outside birds are aged for 30 days before being roasted in the oven.

IG Whole Rohan Duck The Loyalist Chicago

4. Scales Restaurant, Portland, ME

The Instagram account of Scales Restaurant is full of photos like these. That’s because the chef is a master of pâté en croûte. This one is made with Rohan duck, foie gras, veal sweetbreads, Berkshire pork, and figs and served with pickled vegetables and grainy mustard (Chef Frederic calls that colorful arrangement a pickle garden). Check his Instagram feed for a pâté en croûte bonanza.

IG Pate en Croute Duck, Pork, Veal Scales Portland

5. Off The Block Kitchen and Meats, Sayville, LI

The good folks at Off The Block – a butcher shop and restaurant – shared this photo of our Pekin duck prepared Peking-style and served with savory accompaniments, sauce, and thin pancakes.

IG Pekin Duck Peking Style Off the Block Sayville, LI

6. Aloi, Richmond, VA

This colorful dish of pan-seared Rohan duck, roasted & pickled beets, braised kale, roasted cipollini, pickled mushrooms, house five-spice duck jus, and smoked hazelnuts gives us reason to travel to Richmond, VA.

IG Rohan Duck Breast Aloi Richmond VA

7. Boka, Chicago, IL

At Boka they dry age Rohan duck for 21 days before roasting it whole and serving it as dinner for two with a host of accompaniments.

IG Whole Rohan Boka Chicago

Bonus: the featured photo is pan-seared D’Artagnan magret duck breast, morel mushrooms, foraged fiddlehead ferns, confit spring onions, blackberry gastrique and mushroom purée at Heirloom in Lewes, DE.

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