This is Why You Need to Roast a Capon ASAP

What’s a capon? We call it the “super chicken” because capon is everything we love about chicken, but more of it. With its large sizer, ample breast meat, tenderness, and full flavor, capon is the ultimate Sunday roast. Now is the perfect time to try it. Read on for more about capon and order yours today.

Shop capon at Capon is only stocked for the holidays, but our farmers just made some extra birds available to us. It’s like a second chance at Christmas in February (maybe without the family drama).

Capon for Your Sunday Roast

‘Tis the season for roasting, and there’s nothing better than a whole roasted capon for a Sunday family meal. We usually wait until Thanksgiving to roast a large bird but think nothing of popping a whole ribeye, brisket, or pork roast in the oven any other time of the year.

Keep your turkey roasting skill sharp by making capon on a weekend this winter. Not only will you have a comforting meal, but you may have some leftovers for lunch on Monday.

Eric Ripert Roasted Capon with Truffle Stuffing
Photo from Avec Eric – Eric Ripert’s excellent website.

How to Cook Capon

You can roast, poach or braise this bird for a tasty experience.

Find Eric Ripert’s classic roasted capon with truffle recipe (his holiday favorite) in our blog post.


You can also poach your capon, as Ariane did in this poule au pot recipe. Or make classic coq au vin (designed for a rooster) and substitute one capon for the two chickens we call for in this recipe.

About Our Capon

To bring you Old World quality and tradition, we work with a group of small farms in South Dakota to provide us with our capons. Offering a complete farm-to-table audit trail, these farmers focus on best animal welfare practices.

Humanely raised in free-range conditions with full access to open fields, our capons are allowed to grow at a natural rate, with no growth stimulants ever used.

A capon is a male chicken that is gelded (that is, castrated) at a young age, and allowed to grow until it reaches between 6 and 12 pounds. Our farmers use traditional surgical methods, rather than the chemical caponization more common in modern farming.

The nutritionist-developed corn and grain diet is free of protein supplements, and added poultry or fish by-products; it includes constant access to fresh spring water.

Have you ever tried capon? If not, this is the right time! Order now.

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