This Weekend is the Time for Netflix and Snacks

A cold weekend demands cozy plans, and we have the recipe for you. Catch up on some Netflix and enjoy our tastiest snack recipes. Read on for 5 irresistible Netflix shows and the snacks we recommend to pair with them.

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Mushrooms are Truly Magical

Watch The Magic of Mushrooms, a British documentary about the fascinating world of fungi while nibbling on our crispy mushroom triangles. This simple recipe for mushroom-stuffed pastry with herbed crème fraîche inside and a black truffle butter glaze is a party favorite, and perfect for weekend snacking.

You’ll appreciate mushrooms all the more after watching this documentary.

Voulez-Vous Manger Avec Moi?

Watch a few episodes of Chef’s Table: France and you’ll want to eat all things French. We can help with that! Make our chestnut hot chocolate for a decadent treat and cheer up a cold winter’s evening. This hot chocolate is not the sad powdered stuff of American childhood, instead, it’s similar to European-style hot chocolate – thick, rich and just sweet enough.

Many French breakfasts begin with a bowl of hot chocolate.

Get to Baking with the Brits

If you haven’t fallen under the spell of The Great British Baking Show yet, this could be your weekend. And we hope you will enjoy our easy-to-make scones, packed with flavor from applewood smoked bacon, sharp cheddar cheese, and fresh chives. How British!

Savory scones with bacon are borderline addictive. 

Give In to the Tidal Wave of Tidying Up

In case you’ve been under a rock – or at the gym – all month, Marie Kondo’s new show on Netflix has been inspiring people to get organized in the new year. Tidying Up with Marie Kondo is too much to resist, so make our addictive truffle butter popcorn and binge watch the series. You might even take on a pantry or refrigerator reorganization afterward. Does that old ketchup bottle spark joy?

Clear some popcorn out of your cupboard and make this recipe.

All of the Flavor

Join chef David Chang in Ugly Delicious and explore food with writers, activists, fellow chefs, and artists around the world. You’ll definitely crave something if you watch this show, so be ready with our easy-to-make bacon jam, a sweet & salty condiment that’s excellent on burgers, sandwiches, charcuterie and cheese boards, or just slathered on toasted bread.

Bacon jam is easy to make, and hard to stop eating.

What are your weekend food plans? Are there any food shows you love that we should watch?

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