Make Your Holidays Better with Charcuterie

Are you looking for the perfect tasty gift? Or hosting a holiday get-together? Our charcuterie gift boxes are jam-packed with a variety of artisanal treats for food lovers and are designed to provide charcuterie for 4, 8 or 12 people. Simply add mustard, cornichons, olives, and some bread or crackers to make it a party. Wine is definitely encouraged. Read on to see which one fits your holiday plans best.

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Charcuterie is an all-star favorite, perfect for entertaining, gifting, and snacking. Because it is fully cooked, cured or smoked by definition, charcuterie is easy to enjoy at the holidays – or anytime.  With these gift boxes, we’ve taken the guesswork out of giving and serving charcuterie for the holidays.

Charcuterie Gift Box for 4

Each of our charcuterie samplers offers enough tasty items to have a party … this one makes a great hostess gift or an offering at a holiday party. It contains Pork Saucisson Sec, Duck Saucisson Sec, Black Truffle Butter, Jambon de BayonneSmoked Chicken Breast and Duck Rillettes.

Charcuterie for 4 kit

Charcuterie Gift Box for 8

Expanding on the gift box for 4, this one adds our signature Mousse Truffée and Duck Prosciutto in addition to all the items in the smaller box.

Charcuterie for 8 kit

Charcuterie Gift Box for 12

The biggest box of charcuterie we offer serves 12 people and adds Wild Boar Saucisson Sec, French Garlic Sausage, Pâté de Campagne and Chorizo. This is a party waiting to happen!

Charcuterie for 12 kit

Each assortment of charcuterie comes in a decorative box with a guide to all the flavors, and suggestions for enjoying them.


Get inspiration with our blog post about making an epic charcuterie board.

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