12 Stocking Stuffers for the Food Obsessed on Your Gift List

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the foodie or cook on your list? We found some fun and useful tools – all under $40 – for those who enjoy cooking and eating. Read on for our list of 12 stocking-appropriate gifts that will make the cook(s) in your life happy this season.

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1. Avocado Socks

Because everybody’s favorite fruit needed a cute little outfit.  Actually, these pure wool socks help ripen avocados quickly, thus solving the ultimate issue with avocados – they are never ripe when you want them to be.

Knock their socks off.


2. Leather Cast Iron Handle

These Hide and Drink leather handles for cast iron pans are handmade in Guatemala, and each comes with a card signed by the leather worker who made it. They are an upgrade from the usual silicon or padded thermal covers and will protect hands from cast iron burns for years to come.

Get a handle on it.

3. Slice and Dice

Roll the dice and see what’s for dinner! Foodie Dice are designed to shake things up in the kitchen by offering 9 different real food options – and techniques – that keep your cooking game fresh.

Go ahead, play with your food.

4. ThermoPop –  Serious Tool, Cute Name

Designed for professionals, ThermoWorks thermometers are durable, accurate and top quality. The ThermoPop comes in 9 colors, has a 360-degree rotating digital display, gives super fast readings, and is the perfect gift for a serious cook.

Pop one in their stocking.


5. Special Edition Chef Tasting Spoon

The legendary Gray Kunz spoon – an indispensable pro kitchen tool – was designed by the chef for his own use. What makes it so special? The bowl is as large as a serving spoon, the tapered edge allows for great precision, a shorter handle makes it easy to hold and control. This elegant tool is available in a limited edition copper satin finish.

Spoon feed them.

Gray Kunz Copper Spoon

6. Acacia Wood “Spankers”

Michael Ruhlman developed his own specialized cooking tools, which include these flat-edged wooden spoons that he calls “spankers.”  You can see why. The angled tip and the flat edge mean they glide along the bottom – and into the corners – of pots and pans better than the tapered end of a traditional wooden spoon. Get the bundle of three sizes  – the Spanker, Spankette, and Spankie – for a useful and slightly cheeky gift.

Stir things up.


7. Himalayan Salt Mortar and Pestle

No need to add salt when you are crushing fresh herbs in this pretty mortar and pestle, hand-carved from Himalayan crystal salt. The salt helps to extract the flavor from plants while you crush them.

Crushin’ it.

Himalayan Salt Mortar.jpg

8. The Tube: A Cold Brew Coffee Kit

It’s easy to make cold brew coffee at home with this stainless steel tube and a wide-mouth mason jar. Just leave it to steep overnight for 64 ounces of glorious, strong coffee. It can also be used for tea if coffee isn’t their thing.

Altura The Tube.jpg

9. Handcrafted Mushroom Brush

In a world where everything is made of plastic, there is something pleasing about holding a wooden tool in your hand. This mushroom brush is crafted in Sweden, of oil-treated birch wood and horsehair bristles. Since it’s all natural, made with no harmful substances, it can also be used as a baking brush.

A brush with greatness.

Iris Hantverk Mushroom Brush.jpg

10. Drop it Like it’s Hot

Everyone is falling for Mike’s Hot Honey – an artisanal honey from Brooklyn with chilies added – this sweet stuff is great for cooking, and works on everything from pizza to ice cream. Move over, sriracha, they call this the world’s most versatile condiment. Now available in a large professional squeeze bottle, there’s just more hot honey to love. Drizzle on, friends.

That’s so hot.


11. For the Bread Baker

Available in seven sizes, these reusable, washable canvas bread bags are perfect for bakers, or for those who frequently shop at bakeries and farmers markets. Elevate the everyday experience of buying bread and use less paper. Handmade by Peg and Awl, available on Etsy.

Best thing since sliced bread.

Peg & Awl Reusable Bread Bag.jpg

12. The Handy Cut-Up

A tiny cutting board is perfect for tasks like slicing a lime for drinks, a little cheese, a saucisson sec, or for chopping garlic because that stuff flavors everything else on your large cutting board. Super handy, adorable, made in the USA and sized right for a stocking.

Chop it up.


What about you – what is on your wish list? Tell us your foodie gift wishes in the comments.

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Featured Photo: Ben White on Unsplash

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